Happy PaperPie Day! Let’s start celebrating NOW with these sweet deals!

This morning, a brand NEW product line was just released, EDC Creative Learning! We have 5 interactive games and open-ended play resources that you are sure to love at https://ShopChildrensBooks.com/products/category/new-titles (Under New Titles section, select “Newly Added First” to see the latest titles)

Shipping Celebration
Flat shipping rate of $3.14 on orders of all sizes, all month long!

“Savor-ites” Celebration
A favorites sale category of 20 items, all for $3.14 each!!
Available all month long at https://www.ShopChildrensBooks.com/products/category/314sale

As a reminder, Easter is March 31, 2024, this year, so be sure to check out our Easter category at https://www.ShopChildrensBooks.com/products/category/easter.

Happy PaperPie Day!!

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