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Book a Party in April and Receive a Shine-a-Light Book! See Details.

Book a Facebook party for April and get a Shine-a-Light Book FREE!!! (*Party Sales must be at least $85). Does earning free books sound good to you? If so, just go to the Contact Link (located top right corner) and let me know you are interested in a Facebook party. I’ll get with you to schedule your Facebook event. It is all online and so much fun! I now have parties with a theme available too! I take care of setting up the Facebook party; all you have to do is invite your guests. Have fun while earning FREE books!!!

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Princess Ellie’s Snowy Adventure (Pony-Crazed Princess)

Ellie and her best friend Kate are excited about visiting Prince John and they can’t wait to meet his ponies, Toffee and Fudge. Ellie is enchanted by the snowy mountains, but when they go for a ride they soon discover that snow isn’t always fun – it can be scary too. Will Ellie and her friends have to spend the night in the freezing white wilderness?

Ages: 7+

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Princess Ellies Snowy Adventure- Pony-Crazed Princess Princess Ellies Snowy Adventure-Pony-Crazed Princess2


Hey Jack! The Toy Sale

Jack is selling his old toys to make some pocket money. But when he sees other kids having fun with his stuff, will he regret the whole idea?

This early reader series featuring Billie B. Brown’s best friend, Jack, is full of down-to-earth, real-life, fun and funny stories that boys can enjoy and relate to. With word art or illustrations on every second page, and no huge blocks of text or intimidating words, they’re perfect for newly independent readers.

Ages: 4-7

Hey Jack! The Toy Sale

Hey Jack! The Toy Sale Hey Jack! The Toy Sale2 Hey Jack! The Toy Sale3


100 Things for Little Children to Do on a Trip

Inside this pack of cards are lots of puzzles to solve, pictures to draw and things to spot. The cards are wipe-clean so they can be used again and again.

Ages: 6 years and up

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100 things for little children to do on a trip